portfolio strategy

Portfolio Strategy

Connecting trends in food culture to long-term portfolio strategy at the enterprise level is one of the most critical obligations of today’s food/beverage executives. We have a set of proprietary tools to do this that focuses on long-term growth and health, not short-term gains.

Questions we answer:

  • How do I develop a portfolio strategy aimed at long-term growth?
  • Where are the underdeveloped parts of my portfolio?
  • How do I decide to build vs. buy in my categories?
  • What are the emerging premium brands I should think about investing in or acquiring?
  • Which parts of my portfolio should be harvested or managed for stabilization only?

Hartman proprietary knowledge:

  • Hartman Growth Matrix tool for uncovering category-specific pockets of growth
  • Proprietary M&A prospecting process aimed at early-stage, premium brands

Portfolio Strategy for Food and Beverage Execs

Premium M&A


brand strategy

Brand Strategy

The majority of legacy brands are not keeping up with market growth rates. Some will never grow again. Some are simply out of touch. Knowing the cultural positioning of your brands in your category is critical to charting strategies to either stabilize, grow or harvest. 

Questions we answer:

  • Does my strategy plan position my brand for long-term growth? How and how not?
  • What is the optimal growth strategy, given where my brand lives in contemporary food culture?
  • What is the mix of occasion-based marketing and new product development best-suited for where my brand is able to live in contemporary food culture?

Hartman proprietary knowledge:

  • Hartman Growth Matrix to determine positioning and growth opportunities for brands
  • Proprietary process to surface growth occasions for a brand
  • Quantification of leading-edge trends your brand could potentially absorb

Hartman Brand Defender

Strategic Planning Workshop

Finding Occasion-Based Growth for Legacy Brands




Is your new concept just new or is it going to generate real long-term demand? Our proprietary processes are designed to deliver long-term growth through new product pipelines.

Questions we answer:

  • How do I develop a pipeline with long-term growth in mind?
  • Is my pipeline hitting the critical trends in my category?
  • What occasions should I be targeting with new products? Why?
  • What premium trends can my brand absorb? Which can it not?

Hartman proprietary knowledge:

  • Proprietary process to surface underleveraged growth occasions for innovation work

Premium Innovation Platform Development

Hartman Innovation Workshop

Our Thinking: Insights & Reports


food and beverage market scenarios

Market Scenarios

The future is never predictable, but the likely future scenarios are knowable. Our food and beverage market scenarios help clients get their portfolios and brands ready to adapt to an uncertain future.

Questions we answer:

  • Where is the food and beverage market headed?
  • How is the consumer likely to change over the next five years?
  • What will remain the same?
  • What uncertainties do we need to understand and manage?
  • What are the most likely future scenarios for the next five years in food and beverage?

Hartman proprietary knowledge:

  • Future of Food in the U.S. Market Annual Study
  • Future of Food Biannual Market Scenarios

Future Demand in Food

trends in food culture

Trends in Food Culture

Smart growth strategy in food and beverage requires understanding which leading-edge trends are scalable and which will likely remain niche. We take understanding the difference very seriously.

Questions we answer:

  • What are the leading-edge trends in your categories?
  • Which leading-edge trends have the potential to scale?
  • Which mainstream trends are weakening?

Hartman proprietary knowledge:

  • Ongoing tracking for upmarket, leading-edge trends in ingredients and emerging foods
  • Proprietary analysis of what is at the cusp of mainstreaming
  • Quantification of leading product attributes driving growth in food and beverage

Hartman Eating Occasions Compass Overview

Trend iD Overview


understanding consumers

Consumer Understanding

Understanding food consumption requires placing it in a broad cultural context. We deploy professional anthropological techniques to understand the drivers behind how consumers shop for food and beverage and how they eat and drink.

Questions we answer:                       

  • How are Americans’ eating patterns changing?
  • How are Americans’ shopping patterns changing?
  • What are the drivers behind emerging food trends?
  • How much is your brand’s consumer base aligned/not aligned with key food trends?
  • Who are the consumers your portfolio is not satisfying and why?

Hartman proprietary knowledge:

  • Syndicated and internal ethnographic research into eating behavior, food attitudes/values and food shopping; 4 to 5 studies fielded annually
  • Proprietary models for strategically segmenting the market according to social class distinctions, health and wellness lifestyle and specific food orientations (e.g., organic, transparency) that can be utilized in custom market research
  • Ongoing retail tracking of upmarket, leading-edge trends in ingredients and emerging foods and beverages

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When it comes to showing you the world of consumer culture, lifestyle, behaviors and trends, Hartman Retainer Services becomes an extension of your team, with an unparalleled depth of knowledge grounded in social sciences, including cultural anthropology and sociology.

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