2005-2015: What We Know From a Decade on the Road to Health and Wellness

Bellevue, WA, June 9, 2015 – Ten years ago, the food and beverage industry, policy makers, health care institutions and pundits were embroiled in a national debate about solving the obesity epidemic. While the focus at the time was squarely on “reactive” and “preventive” health, 2005 marked the beginnings of the transformative shift in power from commerce to consumers. America’s consumers were now in pursuit of a better quality of life, and this desire to live healthier lifestyles would greatly magnify to include a variety of new health and wellness brands, products, services and channels. 

The intervening years bore witness to the emergence among America’s consumers of a broadening desire for quality-of-life experiences across health and wellness categories as well as in areas that were less explicitly about health and wellness such as premium, fresh, less processed food and beverage products, according to The Hartman Group’s health and wellness trends research. 

“This past decade, the realities of consumers’ aspirations and demands to eat and drink healthier products and experience higher-quality wellness lifestyles has been the dominant factor transforming the innovation, production and marketing at the nation’s food and beverage brands, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, retailers, food service organizations and restaurant companies,” said Laurie Demeritt, CEO of The Hartman Group. 

New insights on the cultural drivers and trends affecting change will be unveiled at Wellness Ascending 2015, The Hartman Group’s annual A.C.T. (Anthropology. Culture. Trends.) Evolving Culture of Health and Wellness conference in Seattle on September 24, 2015, at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center. 

The day-long immersion will showcase highlights from The Hartman Group’s latest Health & Wellness research, with key sessions on: 

  • Wellness Now—And Next: How the World of Health & Wellness Has Evolved
  • Inspiration from Brand Disruptors: Exploring the Current and Next Wave of Food & Beverage Brands Transforming the Mainstream Marketplace
  • Generation Rising: How Gen Z Looks at Health & Wellness
  • Transparency Is the New Normal: Establish Trust. Be Relevant. Build Brand Loyalty. 

More details about the agenda, venue and registration can be found on The Hartman Group’s event site: Wellness Ascending Seattle 2015 

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