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Hartman Retainer Services - Help for the "Value Vexed and Resource Stretched"

Remember 2008, when it seemed like the bottom had pretty much fallen out of what we now know as the Great Recession? In the ensuing years, we've been swamped with requests from CPG, foodservice and retail clients to better understand the "value consumer," define the new value paradigm, and enumerate the myriad ways that today’s consumer is finding value. While embarking on providing these and many other insights, we've discovered that, much like consumers, CPG and retail businesses are also feeling the effects of the Great Recession. Specifically, we see corporations reorganizing and market research and insights budgets slashed while a focus on innovation and exploration of new global markets continues to find emphasis. In short, everyone seems to be getting by doing more with less. Yet, the stakes within marketing innovation efforts seem higher, winning is harder, and value is top of mind.

We recognize the cultural shifts occurring within our industry and client industries, especially when it comes to finding and providing value. So that clients can expand their views and maximize their budgets, we are pleased to announce the launch of Hartman Retainer Services program.Hartman Retainer Services’ outstanding resources and service offerings will ultimately be your passport to explore the depths of consumer culture (domestic and global), lifestyle, behavior and trends in the pursuit of emerging possibilities.

Expand Your Views

Hartman Retainer Services is a partnership for taking insights, strategic planning and innovation around the globe. Through this unique partnership, we become an extension of your team. We remain dedicated to staying at the leading edge of consumer knowledge and providing you with a deep well of data, insights, customized analysis and strategic direction. We customize the Hartman Retainer Services program with a unique agreement tailored to fit each client’s specific needs and budget for access to all of The Hartman Group’s non-proprietary reports and publications, plus access to our analytics team for consultations, research consolidation, white papers, data mining, webinars and client on-site presentations.



The account team aims to maximize your utilization of the Hartman Retainer Services partnership. This team of skilled professionals works closely with you to better understand your business, your needs and your communication preferences. A custom-tailored, Internet-based microsite enhances connectivity and up-to-date communications. The Hartman Retainer Services microsites web application allows easy access to The Hartman Group products, services, reports and publications via a secure web-based portal. These microsites can be utilized by any number of people within your organization.

Our approach to global insights is grounded in cultural anthropology and marries 20-plus years of The Hartman Group intellectual capital with insider-level cultural intelligence to help companies and brands see white spaces and capitalize on global opportunities.

To learn more about Hartman Retainer Services and obtain a copy of the capabilities overview, please contact:

Melissa Abbott
Vice President, Hartman Retainer Services
425.452.0818, ext. 103

Hartman Retainer Services


Point Of View


As leaders in the study of American food culture, The Hartman Group has been tracking how Americans shop for food since the 1990s. From one-stop shopping to multichannel shopping to online markets and click-and-collect, we continue to track consumers’ evolving perceptions, needs, habits and relationships with food retailers. New to the 2017 report is a special section on the expansion of the discount grocery channel, the emerging fresh-format channel and smaller-footprint retail formats.


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