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Changing Meal Routines

Changing Meal Routines

Consumers report eating more smaller, healthier meals at home than in the past — though some of this may be aspirational. In general, life-stage changes typically have the greatest impact on consumers’ mealtime habits. Millennials’ mealtime habits appear to be changing quite rapidly, likely because many of them are establishing families. Boomers’ meal routines are also in flux, often in opposite ways from Millennials, likely reflecting downsizing, empty nests, and retirement. Many consumers also have a point at which they decide to “get healthy” or take more control over their eating habits, which can come at any time. From our Transformation of the American Meal 2017 report, here’s a look at some of the ways meals have changed in the past five years.


Report: Transformation of the American Meal 2017

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