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Marketing sustainability: What’s the right message?

Marketing sustainability: What’s the right message?

Does a message of sustainability help sell products? Over the years, The Hartman Group’s own research has found that in everyday life, consumers are, first and foremost, much more concerned about individual and family personal benefits than larger global issues. The adoption pathway of sustainable products (the concept of “in, on and around my body”) often starts with food (a basic need) and what is “healthy for my body,” then progresses to other categories. Our infographic depicts where sustainability fits into consumers’ purchase decision making.

Learn more about the consumer side of sustainability in this report: Transparency, Establishing Trust with Consumers 2015

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Health + Wellness 2017 updates and extends The Hartman Group’s previous work, showing changing attitudes, behaviors and emerging trends. We will also apply our signature “ahead-of-the-curve” thinking for marketing health and wellness solutions to consumers with our inclusive focus on trendsetters, early adopters and more mainstream consumers. The report delivers a culturally based big-picture assessment of where health and wellness is today, where it is headed and what it means for your business.


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