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Country of Origin is the most desired way to be identified, but not always the most practical

Country of Origin is the most desired way to be identified, but not always the most practical

Throughout our years as social scientists, we have noticed an insight into cultural and national identity that applies to ALL people who live in America - regardless of background: Americans cannot, nor should they, be defined by a single lens. Globalization, modern Americana, and tradition all play a role in creating personal identity, lifestyles, and interactions in any given context. Taken together, they create a multi-cultural consumer.

The Hartman Group's The Multi-Cultural Latino Consumer report provides timely new data, insights and perspectives on one of the most influential segments of the consumer-driven marketplace. This report delivers the critical understanding to help companies think differently and plan strategically to more effectively connect with Latino consumers and, as a result, capture new market opportunities. 

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Source: The Multi-Cultural Latino Consumer

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Health + Wellness 2017 updates and extends The Hartman Group’s previous work, showing changing attitudes, behaviors and emerging trends. We will also apply our signature “ahead-of-the-curve” thinking for marketing health and wellness solutions to consumers with our inclusive focus on trendsetters, early adopters and more mainstream consumers. The report delivers a culturally based big-picture assessment of where health and wellness is today, where it is headed and what it means for your business.


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