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Category: Food and Beverage

Food culture is key to getting home grocery delivery right

Food culture is key to getting home grocery delivery right

Home grocery delivery is nothing new. Grocers began experimenting with that in the 19th century. More recently, Schwan’s has been successfully doing home... More »

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Food culture is key to getting home grocery delivery right

Home food delivery services clearly need to offer the right product selection and user interface, and they need to get home delivery right – and right into people’s kitchens. But even if those are nailed down, if home grocery and food delivery... More »


Food and Beverage, Culture, Retail/Shopper Marketing, Social Media/Technology, Trends

Whole Paycheck or the new value paradigm?

After months of share price declines and investors calling for Whole Foods Market to slash prices to better compete with natural/organic offerings at conventional supermarkets, Whole Foods has begun to unveil its response to the broader marketplace. More »


Retail/Shopper Marketing, Point of View

Food fads: How they differ from meaningful shifts in food culture

People are maturing from obsessions with bacon and kale to a love of all sorts of dishes and cuisines – and with that expanding repertoire come broader interests in wellness, organic and what makes food taste good. More »


Food and Beverage, Organic/Natural, Sustainability, Trends

What if back-to-school meant 4 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shoes and 3 smartphones?

At The Hartman Group, our passion, our obsession, is culture. Why is culture so darn important you ask? Because it is the very fabric of everyday life; culture is the key to understanding the unmet needs that actually matter. More »


Culture, Social Media/Technology

The changing language of food culture, from meal assembly to blondies to the verboten nom nom

Technology is perhaps the greatest catalyst for new words in the dictionary, but gastronomy ranks high as well, recently bringing to Oxford Dictionaries “cake pops,” “blondies,” “pear cider” and the Latin beer drink “michelada.” More »


Food and Beverage, Culture, Social Media/Technology

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