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Category: Culture

Reflections on Cultural Change

Reflections on Cultural Change

In each issue of Hartman Perspectives, Harvey Hartman takes a broad look at what’s changed and what’s coming in food culture. It’s been a tremendous... More »

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Digital Food Life 2014: How technology shapes the way consumers eat

The Hartman Group’s archives are packed with more than 25 years of data on how consumers eat, and increasingly that research involves technologies that have become a ubiquitous part of people’s everyday lives: More »



Channel haze lingers. Clarity needed for brick-and-click roadside pantry effect

“Food is everywhere” has become a universally accepted fact as consumers navigate a broad array of retail channels both physical and online. Rather than organize shopping trips around meal plans for the next week, consumers shop for food on an... More »


Food and Beverage, Retail/Shopper Marketing

Not all private label growth is the same. Which categories are most promising?

Despite some market watchers’ predictions that private label is set to take over the world, its share of the packaged food market has been relatively flat since 2008, and it stopped gaining in other categories in 2011. More »


Private Brands/Branding, Point of View

Smucker's smart move: Going upmarket and what comes next

Sahale Snacks’ acquisition by J.M. Smucker is more than a cool company named for a favorite hike being bought by a major food player. Like many smart, big-brand companies, Smuckers often looks outside for product innovations – and it found one... More »


Eating Occasions, Food and Beverage

Pets are people too: Opportunity in the pet food market

Although the world of healthy and natural products has transitioned to meet contemporary consumer expectations, the natural pet food category appears left behind in the musty back room of a food cooperative. It’s a marketplace screaming for... More »


Food and Beverage, Organic/Natural, Private Brands/Branding, Trends

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