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Category: Culture

Reflections on Cultural Change

Reflections on Cultural Change

In each issue of Hartman Perspectives, Harvey Hartman takes a broad look at what’s changed and what’s coming in food culture. It’s been a tremendous... More »

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Fragmented grocery market means consumers seek guidance from trusted retailers

A hallmark of the latest shift in food culture is how fractured grocery shopping has become. The changes are not capricious or unpredictable. They’re tied to underlying cultural forces that, once understood, open up new opportunities for... More »


Food and Beverage, Retail/Shopper Marketing

Where to eat? Food service enters the knowledge economy

“Where to eat?” That’s the question we ask now, often before “what to eat?” There’s also a set of questions that tend to come after “what to eat?” They are: “Where was my food grown, how was it grown, who grew it, and what will it do to my health... More »


Eating Occasions, Retail/Shopper Marketing, Food Service/Restaurant

As organic’s authenticity halo fades, consumers turn to local food

To hear Organic Valley tell it, milk from grass-fed cows might be preferable in the dairy case. The cooperative says its Grassmilk product is flying off shelves at Whole Foods – a glittering star among stars. Many shoppers “have almost an... More »


Food and Beverage, Organic/Natural, Trends

Sustainability when eating out: A Q&A with a food service industry visionary

As The Hartman Group’s ethnographers head into the field for the upcoming syndicated study “Diners’ Changing Behaviors: Sustainability, Wellness and Where to Eat” with the progressive food consultancy Changing Tastes, we sat down with its... More »


Food and Beverage, Sustainability, Food Service/Restaurant

Look both ways before judging Whole Foods

By Harvey Hartman, Founder & Chairman

Amid the storm caused by Whole Foods lowering its annual sales projection for the fourth time in nine months, the media and analysts predictably focused on price and organic, organic and price. More »


Organic/Natural, Retail/Shopper Marketing, Point of View

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