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Category: Demographics Analysis

Understanding Today’s Aging Consumers

Understanding Today’s Aging Consumers

It wasn’t so long ago that the spotlight was on older consumers (55 years of age and older). Now they’ve become a generation of consumers seemingly... More »

Food urbanism produces a high-tech, non-soil sustainability solution

Sometimes the forces of cultural change seem to be headed in opposite directions, even when their ultimate goal is the same. The newest thinking on sustainable, healthy, delicious farming is that way, with one movement focused heavily on the... More »


Food and Beverage, Organic/Natural, Sustainability, Trends

Leveraging Consumer Insights to Address the Obesity Epidemic

By Harvey Hartman, Founder & Chairman

By now we are all very familiar with the cast of characters that inhabit public debates on health, eating and obesity. Food companies make things. Academics study. Experts opine. Policy folks convene. These are the things we do, and we know what... More »


Culture, Health and Wellness, Point of View

Theo Chocolate’s Consumer Magic: Flavor First, Followed by a Great Story and Fair-Trade Creds

The key to successfully marketing in the organic, fair trade arena is to have delicious, appealing products that are backed by a great narrative. If, like Theo Chocolate in Seattle, you offer an hour-long chocolate tour with samples, that’s... More »


Food and Beverage, Private Brands/Branding, Trends

Reflections on Cultural Change

Understanding the Influential Forces That Cause Consumers to Think and Act the Way They Do

In each issue of Hartman Perspectives, Harvey Hartman takes a broad look at what’s changed and what’s coming in food culture. It’s been a tremendous journey, and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to share these guideposts that we hope will... More »


Culture, Point of View

How Young Brands Build Consumer Trust

A special report by Hartman Strategy

The power of a brand alone to drive trial or growth is exaggerated by branding and advertising experts, whose billings are weighted toward the needs of late-stage, legacy brands that already enjoy high awareness. More »


Food and Beverage, Private Brands/Branding, Point of View

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